Electronics Insurance – Are Your Computers Covered

There’s a great deal of misinformation now regarding consumer electronics and just how it’s addressed by insurance companies. Many people I talk to believe that in case they’ve homeowners or maybe renters insurance, the consumer electronics of theirs are covered.

Though they generally discover that the assumptions of theirs are not true… at claims time.

Obviously, several of the property is closed. But you will find a lot of limitations plus exclusions that will shock you in case you’ve a loss and file a case.

Do not hold back until claim time to find out about this critical coverage. click here to see this article intelligently and make good choices regarding the coverage.

20 years back, consumer pc usage and ownership wasn’t all of that common. In case you had a cellular phone, you carried it in a bag the size of a small purse. There were several house fax machines. Answering models had been really typical, but voicemail was still on the horizon. Scanners have been non existent. Printers as well as copiers were expensive and huge, and also you did not see them in many homes. In case you are the exceptional individual that had satellite TV, the recipe was aproximatelly 8 feet across & sat out in the backyard. And Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) as well as Audio players had not been developed yet.

But today…

From the home of ours we have: o 2 desktop pcs with monitors o 4 laptops o 4 printers o one stand alone fax machine o single mixture fax, scanner, copier o 3 TVs o 2 VCRs o one digital camcorder with tripod for our house recording studio o one audio mixing board, one particular mic, one particular amplifier, 2 outside soundcards, along with a 500GB hard drive, almost all for our home recording studio o 2 DVD players o 2 mobile phones, one particular smartphone, each one with voicemail o one satellite TV phone system with a 24″ recipe on the top o 2 Ipods